Design Services - Natural Modern Interiors
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How can I help you?

I understand that every home, family, project and situation is unique. This is why I have developed a number of ways that I can help you, depending on your budget and the type of assistance you require.

Photo of Lisa Coulburn in the design studio of natural modern interiors.

Service 1 ~ Advice, Questions & 1 on 1 Brainstorm Sessions

Sometimes, you just need a helping hand, a little guidance or someone to talk to!


Not too sure where to start? Are you stuck on a project or need to run your ideas past a professional? Need help with selecting furniture & materials?


Are you looking for unbiased advice on non toxic and healthier alternatives for your home, decoration or renovation project?


Or do you need someone to test or remediate your home?

I can help!

interior design decoration

Service 2 ~ Interior Design & Decoration

Looking for that natural look? Need help pulling all your ideas together or selecting furniture & materials? Looking for that unique look that represents your individual style? Or are you tired of the design overwhelm or struggling with making design decisions? Are you having problems with making new furniture work with your existing furniture?

No matter how small or large your project we help clients see the light, take the stress out of design decisions and create you unique styled home or space. We can provide the following help (but not limited to):

  • Sourcing furniture, cushions & fabrics.
  • Sourcing rugs, decorative lighting, artwork and accessories.
  • Seating re-upholstery and furniture up-cycling.
  • Sourcing handmade, hard-to-find or unique pieces.
  • Review of current home plans and layouts.
  • Alterations to plans to improve the flow, feel & usability of rooms.
  • Space planning, storage and furniture placement.
  • Custom designed tables, entertainment units, storage, seating & furniture.
  • Selecting exterior and interior wall colours, tiles and wall finishes.
  • Selecting flooring; floor tiles, timber flooring, carpet & floor rugs.
  • Sourcing tradesmen for joinery, flooring & painting.
  • Full design & documentation for builders.
Photo of the interiors of The Round House in Queensland, Australia. Photo of the kitchen. Interior Designer / Interior Architect: Lisa Coulburn.

Service 3 ~ Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Are you tired of the standard kitchen or bathroom styles? Are looking for that individual look or unique kitchen or bathroom design that represents your personal style and taste?

You have come to the right place! We can help pull your ideas together and design your perfect kitchen or bathroom. We can provide the following help (but not limited to):

  • Alterations to plans to improve the flow, feel & usability of rooms.
  • Custom kitchen & bathroom design.
  • Design of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  • Space planning for ease of access, optimal kitchen workflow and sufficient storage space.
  • Selections of bench top surface, splash back and cabinet & drawer design.
  • Selection of kitchen appliances and lighting.
  • Selection of sinks, basins, baths, showers, taps and filters.
  • Selection of wall and floor, colours, tiles and finishes.
  • Full design & documentation for builders.
healthy home design

Service 4 ~ Healthy Home Design

Are you planning on building or renovating and want a healthier home? 

Are you looking for chemical free alternatives for your renovation, extension or new build? Do you want unbiased advice on healthier choices for building materials, floors, paints and finishes? Do you want a home design to reduce your exposure to mould and electromagnetic fields? We can help with:

  • Building materials, finishes and building design.
  • Healthier kitchen & bathroom design.
  • Improved thermal comfort.
  • Mould reduction.
  • Identifying external hazards and testing.
  • Natural and healthier interior furniture and furnishings.
  • Natural and healthier nurseries and children’s bedrooms.

What to decorate or change your home but unsure where to start?

Fell free to check out my free stuff to help you on your way!

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