The Round House - Natural Modern Interiors
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About This Project

A home built from natural materials and designed to connect with nature, it’s surroundings and reflects the clients unique design style. All walls are circular on plan and designed around the principles of Sacred Geometry.

Imagine the birds singing, frogs croaking and the sound of running water from every room. With its curved walls, its hand crafted details and its connection to nature this home holds a very special spiritual and calming quality.

Each room has many number of original details and hand crafted elements, from hand cast concrete kitchen counters, recycled timber cabinets, mosaic stone floors, handmade crystal lights to twine balustrade hand rails. Decorative items have been collected over time and showcased by the owner and tell stories of their travels.


  • Cross-ventilation throughout.
  • Large roof overhangs.
  • Ceiling fans inside & outside (also ducted air-conditioning).
  • Recycled hardwood timber cabinets, hardwood timber doors & windows.
  • Stone flooring & rugs instead of carpets.
  • Lime render for walls instead of paint.
  • Tadelakt render or lime render for bathrooms instead of ceramic tiles.
  • VOC free paints for ceilings.
Service Provided

Custom Design ~ Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Kitchen & Bathroom Design, Cabinet Design, Furniture Design, Materials & Finishes, Lighting Concepts, CAD Drawings & Room Layouts

New Build

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