The Farm House - Natural Modern Interiors
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About This Project


(photos by Clinton Fenech)

This 100yr old acreage farm house has been given a new lease of life! Most would have knocked her down and built something new. But by renovating we retain the history and charm that comes with these older buildings and reduce our impact on natural resources.


The brief was to create a laid back modern Australian country home, respect the original  building character, use natural materials and finishes, locally made timber furniture, reconnect the internal layout with the outdoors and improve the thermal comfort without adding air conditioning.


The home is situated in a hot & humid location most of the year. By knocking through a few internal walls, rejigging a few door locations, swapping all fixed glass windows for louvred or bi-fold sliding doors and adding a covered deck to the western elevation has given this building passive cooling from cross ventilation and shading.


This has also allowed for nature and birds to be the backdrop to all of the rooms and one can hear the sound of the running water from every room.

Original fixtures like doors, handles, timber floor and the fireplace have been left and new kitchen & bathroom fittings were selected to match the original feel of the home. Tables and seating have been made by local craft and furniture makers using natural fabrics and local timbers.


All new furniture has been chosen to compliment the clients style, the character of the house and work with their existing furniture and decor. 


  • Replaced fixed glass windows with louvres or bi-folds.
  • Knocked through internal walls to create cross ventilation.
  • Replace old staircase with new open tread staircase to again allow for cross ventilation.
  • New covered deck to western elevation.
  • Ceiling fans inside & outside.
  • Mixed hardwood timber furniture, cabinets, doors & windows.
  • Locally made furniture.
  • Ventilated built-in wardrobes.
  • Rugs instead of carpets.
  • Low VOC paints and clear floor sealer.
Service Provided

Custom Design ~ Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Kitchen Design, Cabinet Design, Furniture Layouts, Materials & Finishes, Built-in Wardrobe Design, Door Selections, Window Selections, CAD Drawings & Room Layouts

Extension, Renovation

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